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Boathouses and Lifts

Boathouses are covered structures with direct access to a navigable body of water. They are used only for the storage of boats and associated equipment. Boathouses do not contain bathroom or kitchen facilities, sanitary plumbing, or sanitary drains of any kind. They do not contain a heating system of any kind. They are not designed to be used for residency.

Boatlifts save on boat maintenance and repainting and increase performance. No barnacles means no cleaning. Lifts can be fitted for personal watercraft and boats weighing 500 to 20,000 pounds and are constructed of galvanized steel or aluminum.

Personal Lifts can be installed when physical difficulty is experienced climbing or descending a set of stairs.

Travel-lift Wells are built to accomodate a marine travel-lift, (a large machine designed to remove a boat from the water.)

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